How to make a professional brand guideline?

Build a professional and thorough brand guideline.   Start your brand guide with a great story Every brand that people relate more with brands that tell a great story. Stories could be anything from the organization’s journey to what they most care about. Their vision, mission, and core values they all contribute to a good […]

How to use twitter for brands and businesses

With countless users and more than 500 million tweets being sent every day, there is an extraordinary chance for organizations to reach a worldwide audience of new and existing customers through Twitter. Twitter is a social communication tool where individuals post short messages. These messages, called tweets, are restricted to 140 characters long. As a […]

How to market your business for free with Facebook pages

Create a Facebook business page the right way! The first and most clear Facebook marketing tools for brands is Facebook Pages. Like an individual profile, a page is the centre of information for your image, be it an organization, item, administration, or even master or VIP.   Clients can “Like” a page and “Follow” it, […]

Endorsed digital marketing trends to skyrocket your business in 2021!

Up until now, the advanced marketing patterns for 2021 appear to spin around two particular, yet practically opposing ideas. First is an overall refinement, tending to main problems and fitting substance to suit the person (instead of mass interest) for more close to home commitment. Second is a considerably more mechanical and specialized advancement, adjusting […]

Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2021 | Skyrocket India

With the arrival of the new year. Let’s take a look at a few of the major trends in marketing. Brand Accountability Since the past few years we have been seeing many companies’ ad campaigns promoting a good cause. Even though all companies get involved socially through programs like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and donate […]

How Google ranks web pages? | Page-level & Site level factors (Part 3)

We have talked about almost 36 of Google’s proven and speculated factors that contribute towards a website’s SERP. Last few weeks we have talked about, The amount of weightage given by google for various page-ranking factors. Followed by the, 2. Domain Level factors that influence your SERP rank. and… 3. Page-level factors that influence your SERP. […]

Voice Recognition and SEO – Google’s BERT

Voice Recognition and SEO – Google’s BERT Google continually continues refreshing its algorithm to make it simpler for searchers to discover answers to their inquiries. From asking sites to E.A.T. (Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness.) in 2020 to BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update and its attention on voice search; the essence of SEO is changing […]

PageRank – Google’s Search Algorithm Updates

A historical listing of all major search algorithm updates done by Google. Google the magical search engine that almost always fetches relevant results for whatever it is that you are searching for.   We have been discussing the factors Google uses to rank webpages since the past few weeks.   Those who have been following […]

How Google ranks web pages? | Page-level factors

Last Thursday, we talked how Google ranks your websites, PageRank, and weightage of thematic clusters. As an introduction we started with the domain level factors which influenced your page ranking. Today we are going to see the page level factors which influence your SERP ranking.   Page-Level Factors   Title Tag starting with a keyword […]

SEM and SEO: The Difference

SEM and SEO can be two confusing terms. SEO is expanding the measure of site visits by getting the website to show up high on results returned by a web index. SEM serves to builds a site’s visibility through natural web results and advertising. SEM incorporates SEO and advertising strategies. The key differentiation is that […]